Other Resources to Help

Helping In His Name The Food Pantry


By Appoint only - Call ahead.

Phone; 678-565-6135

We provide food for those in Henry County.

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Meals on Wheels 2019


Meals on wheels

Phone: 404-351-3889

Those who unable to leave home

to secure food.

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Hands of Hope 2019 Clinic


Phone: 770-507-1344

For those who are in need of medical help and thosewho are in need of dental help.

Services are handled by your amount of money you made.


Battered Women 2019


Under Construction


Henry County Cancer Services 2019


Henry County Cancer Services is a community service oriented not for profit organization made up of a team of volunteers who possess a passion for cancer patients. We offer support to those struggling from the effects of a cancer diagnosis by meeting the patient at their main point of need: financial assistance. Through that assistance we strive to move cancer patients within this community toward recovery, quality of life, and financial stability. The patient truly is the heartbeat of our organization. 

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Veterans Support Group Free Services 2019


Veterans Support Group is free in all that we offer. From, food, 2 meals a day. Clothing for the veteran of any branch. Also provide filling out VA paperwork , all are for free. 

Appointments  Call ahead.  Ph: 770-284-3306

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Other Resources 2

Pregnancy Resource Center 2019


Help for those who are in need

solutions to their situations

they have found themselves in.

Phone: 770-957-8288

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A Friends House 2019


All children need a home to provide a sense of security and unconditional love.  

The Friends House is there for your need.

Call for more information. Website link is below.

Phone: 678-432-1630

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Promise Place


Emergency Shelter, Support Groups

Legal Advocacy, Child violence.

Phone: 770-692-3333

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Haven House 2019


Welcome 2019 - Ph; 770-954-9229

Haven House is a domestic violence shelter and program serving victims of family violence in Henry, Jasper, Butts and Lamar Counties. Please let the staff at Haven House help you find peace and security.

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Under Construction 2019


Under Construction

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Under Construction 2019


Under Construction

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